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You’ve come to the right place for South End movers! Safe Responsible Moves has provided award winning service in the South End of Boston for over 15 years, with the track record to prove it. With a 5 star rating on Yelp! and Google, our South End Moving company has the experience needed to successfully navigate this tricky area of Boston. The area is filled with historic homes that have tight spaces with challenging access, presenting a demanding environment for South End movers. Click here for a quote from our South End Moving company. Looking for more info? Keep on reading!


Service Offerings from our South End Movers

    • Household Movers in the South End
      • Our teams of award winning South End movers regularly move entire homes worth of furniture in the South End, and anywhere within Massachusetts! We’ll make sure your household move is staffed with the appropriate crew and trucks to get the job done right, which is of paramount importance the South End due to tight and occasionally very long staircases.
      • Apartment Movers in the South End
          • Our team is experienced navigating tight South End staircases, and can arrange for Boston moving permits to make sure the moving truck has a safe parking spot. We can also handle moving permits in other locations, offering apartment movers in Massachusetts traveling anywhere in the state. In the South End. it’s usually a good idea to have a 3 person crew or larger due to tight staircases and challenging parking2 men and a truck isn’t the preferred offering for apartment movers in the South End. Also, there are plenty of buildings with elevators and long walks like Ink Block which also demand a 3 mover crew.
    •  In-Home Movers in the South End
      • Need to reorganize your space or refresh your home’s layout? Hire our South End Moving Company! Our in-home moving service is perfect for those who require assistance with heavy lifting and rearranging furniture within their home or apartment, offering labor only movers to facilitate your interior projects. This is also a great option for folks moving within the same building! 
    • Furniture Delivery in the South End
      • Acquired a new piece of furniture from Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or a local thrift shop like Boomerangs? Perhaps you’re inheriting a hand me down piece of furniture from a friend or family member. In case, our movers provide prompt and reliable furniture delivery services, ensuring your newly purchased items are transported safely to your home.
    •  Office Movers in the South End
      • Our commercial moving services cater to businesses in Beacon Hill and beyond. From small offices to larger corporate moving needs, we have the expertise and resources to handle your commercial move with minimal disruption to your operations.
    • Pod Movers in the South End
      • PODs offer a flexible solution for temporary storage or those who need long-distance movers. Our team of POD movers in Beacon Hill is skilled in efficiently loading and optimizing space in your POD, ensuring a secure and organized move. You don’t always need to hire interstate movers to get a long distance move accomplished! Just make sure you arrange for a moving permit to allow space for the POD to be dropped off
    • Rental Truck Movers in the South End
      • Planning a long-distance move and don’t want to hire full service interstate movers? You can hire labor on each end and drive the rental truck yourself! You don’t need to hire long distance movers unless you want to! Our South End moving company provides expert loading and unloading services to help you save on costs while benefiting from professional handling of your belongings.
    • College Movers in the South End
      • With over 15 years of experience assisting college students in the Boston area, our South End moving company knows the unique needs of clients hiring student movers. Our dorm movers in Boston regularly handle moves to off-campus apartments, making the transition smoother for students and their families. We’ve done a bunch of work for Berklee students and many medical students in the area.
    •  Piano Movers in the South End
      • We can assist with moving your piano in the South End and offer piano movers in Massachusetts covering the whole state! We can handle most uprights and baby grand pianos.


Street on the South End, Boston


Things to consider when hiring South End


Moving Truck Parking in the South End is tough!

Parking is at a premium in the South End, so it’s a good idea to reserve Boston moving permits in order to ensure that the truck has a safe, legal, and accessible place to park on moving day. You can reserve them directly from the City of Boston if you wish, or our South End movers can acquire them for you. Usually the permits cost $69/per address from the city, reserving 40ft of space for the moving truck to park

Long staircases = Long days for South End movers

The South End has many homes built with tight staircases that will have trouble accommodating large furniture like wardrobes, couches, and box springs. Bear this in mind if you’re moving to the area for the first time. Hoisting may be an option if pieces can’t fit up the stairs, or you can consult and upholstery company like Melo and Sons, who may be able to disassemble the upholstered pieces and reassemble them upstairs.

The Sound End also has some wide but very long staircases inside of buildings with high ceilings. It’s essential to make sure that your crew is equipped with the proper amount of South End movers needed to complete the job safely.


Local Recommendations from South End Movers


Where to packing supplies

Home Depot in South Bay is a great option, as well as Uhaul on Mass Ave.


South End storage facilities:


985 Mass Ave, Boston, Ma 02118


968 Mass Ave, Boston, Ma 02118

Public Storage

290 Southampton St, Boston, Ma 02118

Prime Storage

33 Traveler St, Boston, Ma 02118

Prime Storage

100 Southampton St, Boston, Ma 02118

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